More than a travel company; Traveling Wonk is a pioneer in the thoughtful travel movement. Through offering and curating thoughtful travel experiences centered on discovery, authenticity, and in-depth local knowledge of history, culture and geo-political issues, Traveling Wonk fosters connections between people and places the world over. We are currently offering personalized, value-driven group and individual experiences in Sri Lanka and Jordan and welcome you to join us in discovering one of our many inspired and informative experiences.


We customize tours to fit your needs. Browse our theme trips and let us know what speaks to the “Wonk” in you. All of our trips include premium or luxury accommodations including ground travel in modern, private cars with certified guides, chauffeurs, and local experts to create the best possible experience.


Discover Sri Lanka in small groups and rejoice in the camaraderie of discovery and learning. Small groups are limited to 12 travelers and focused on group discovery. Find authentic adventure while you travel in safe and comfortable surroundings with those who share your passion for learning.


We pride ourselves on finding the most authentic and hidden gems throughout Sri Lanka. Whether you want to stay in a family-owned boutique or a luxurious, all-inclusive resort. Our Premium and Luxury level packages include daily chauffer service in modern vehicles, overnight stays in unique retreats and expert-led experiences.


At Traveling Wonk, we provide you with themes to help stir your imagination and inspire your thirst for knowledge. Use our educational, cultural, or wilderness themes as a starting point to help build your perfect journey and together we’ll customize it to fit your dreams.



Traveling Wonk is a veteran-owned U.S. business dedicated to exploring countries through the eyes of policy, education, and culture. Whether you are a cultural or political wonk, let us introduce you to a world full of ideas, creativity, and inspiration.

Has Chinese political and economic influence changed the political economies of South and Southeast Asia? Has American influence strengthened or weakened over the past decade? Can continuous economic development coexist with a sustained commitment to wildlife conservation? Does any of this matter? These are a few questions that we look to answer as we take our guests on an incredible journey of learning and discovery.

In partnership with leading universities of South and Southeast Asia, we bring you the heartbeat of destinations through the eyes and ears of the experts who live there. From business and archaeology, to wildlife conservation and regional cuisines, our customized trips bring the experts to you.